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Paysera Help


If you have any issues with Paysera please contact technical team:

Sergejs Zeigurs
email: szeigurs@yahoo.co.uk
pers.code XXXXXX-10837
+371 28230088
Priekules 7a 

Users can purchase via Paysera following digital goods for their listings:


Mark as Premium – allows to mark listing as premium and show listing in special blocks for premium listings, make them more visible in search or get special label of premium listing).

Pay per Publish – in order to show listing to all users, it is required to pay Publish fee. When fee is not paid, item is not visible. This function may cause troubles with plugins like More edit or Item validation, to improve compatibility you can disable setting “Deactivate not paid items”. 

Highlight – allows to highlight listings and make them more visible and attractive to other people.

Pay to Show Images – charge your customers for showing pictures on your listings. It is well known that some categories simply require to post image, like when selling car, this function enables to hide images of listing until image fee is paid. Note that customer can upload pictures without any problem, those are just not shown and item behave like without pictures. 

Move to Top – enable customer to move listing to top of search. This functionality helps to fight with duplicate listings, instead of publishing copy of existing ad, customer can renew/move to top listing for fee.

Republish – allows to setup republish period and repeats of listing. When ad is republished, it behaves like newly published listing. Customer can set duration and repeat of republish. When republish fee is paid, listing is republished immediately and then after selected period multiple times.